Fall 2020 Undergraduate English Courses

358:363 James Joyce

02   MW5    CAC    05677   SIEGEL   SC-220

The core of this course will be a careful reading of James Joyce’s Ulysses. We will begin with Dubliners and also read Portrait of the Artist and other works, but the key project will be to make our way through what is probably the most rewardingly difficult text of the twentieth century—and without question one of its most influential. 

The class will require serious commitment to an extremely dense and long text. It should not be embarked on lightly. I’d encourage anyone considering enrolling to read through the first several pages of any two or three chapters of Ulysses to make sure this is the term to take on this challenge. The length and difficulty of the work and its centrality for the course, mean that a great deal of careful reading will be required.

Attendance: Required. 

Evaluation: Weekly reading quizzes or writing exercises, three papers.