Fall 2020 Undergraduate English Courses

358:426 Seminar: Shakespeare

01  M 3,4   CAC    05685  BARTELS   SC-104

What happens to a society when lies become its truths? When desiring males objectify, incriminate, and abuse desiring women? When discriminatory discourses turn differences – of race, gender, sexuality, age, class – into liabilities? And all this while we watch, complicit in our silence? What happens, that is, as Othello unfolds before us? This seminar will take up Shakespeare’s provocative tragedy, moment by moment, scene by scene, act by act. Using a range of critical and creative tools, we’ll dive into the play’s languages, rhythms, dramatic structures, characters, contexts, and plots. We’ll work together to learn how to read and write about this play, so that we’ll all be better equipped to read and write about any of Shakespeare’s plays, if not also about our world.