Fall 2021 Undergraduate English Courses

358:395 Fiction by Women

01  Hybrid in person  M 11:00-12:20  CAC  14766  MUCKLE  MU-115/  Asynchronous Online

Sara Ahmed writes, “Feminist consciousnesses [can be thought of] as consciousness of the violence and power that are concealed under the languages of civility and love.” In this course we will think about what it means to be a subject who is conscious of the idea that certain ways of being in the world, certain narratives that are supposed to ensure happiness, are not available to everyone, and what kind of literary works are produced from this kind of awareness. This course will discuss the relationship between gender and fiction in literary works spanning from the nineteenth century all the way up to the present day. We will also consider to what extent being a woman author relates to other intersections and subject positions such as being a black author, a queer author, or a poor author, and how the position of the author influences (or does not influence) how we read a text. This course will be taught one day a week in person, and one day a week asynchronously online (a majority of this asynchronous section will be writing about literature and receiving substantial feedback on your writing).