Spring 2020 Undergraduate English Courses

358:204 Biblical Backgrounds of Literature in English

01  MW6  CAC  28118  FULTON  SC-116

Arguably the most influential event in the history of English literature was the translation and printing of the Bible in English. This course is a close study of the Bible in English, a book – or really a series of books collected together – that narrates the history of humanity from its very beginnings to its end. We will read a large portion of the Old Testament (or Hebrew Bible) and the New Testament closely, with special attention given to Genesis and the Patriarchs, the Histories, the Prophets, and the Gospels. These short studies will provide us with models for thinking about how the biblical text was culturally transformed.

Texts: Available at Barnes and Noble at Rutgers, 100 Somerset St.

Requirements: Occasional quizzes, and three papers. Attendance and participation are mandatory.