Spring 2021 Undergraduate English Courses

358:331 Later Romantic Literature

01  09276  JAGER   MTH 9:50-11:10 AM

The Romantic period (roughly 1780-1830) covers a time of great upheaval in British literature and culture: the immediate aftermath of the American Revolution, the dramatic events of the French Revolution, the slower but equally important effects of the Industrial Revolution, and the political drama of the abolition movement, the Napoleonic wars, and parliamentary reforms.  This course offers a detailed introduction to the literature, culture, and history of the latter half of this tumultuous era.  Major poets whom we will read include Percy Shelley, John Keats, and Lord Byron.  We shall also read at least two novels: Jane Austen’s Persuasion and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

The course will be taught online, synchronously.  We will use Canvas as our course management software.

Requirements: Attendance and active participation; frequent reading quizzes, two papers, mid-term, and final exam.  Students will be expected to have cameras turned on during class time.