Spring 2022 Undergraduate English Courses

359:220 Introduction to Performance Theory

01  MTH3  12:10-1:30   CAC    08291  DIAMOND  HH-A2

This class explores multiple approaches to the concept and practice of performance:  1. performance as the carrying out of an action, as opposed to the script that precedes it or the critical judgment that follows it. 2. performance as a creative, constructed, and collaborative form of human interaction, as well as the times and spaces of such interactions. 3. performance as expression of identity, whether racial, sexual, cultural, or national. 4. performance as a methodology--a particular lens through which to view aesthetic objects (poems, dances, dramas, novels, songs) or non-aesthetic objects (parades, demonstrations, sports, lectures, etc.). Through a performance lens we see embodied practices in concrete (or digital) sites and think about embodied ways of knowing, of duration and materials, of power structures, spectatorship, memory, and risk. Performance always contains an element of risk