Spring 2023 Undergraduate English Courses

358:206 How to Find an Internship

01   MTH3    CAC   18074   KEATES   HH-A3

This minicourse is part of a new internship initiative in the English Department. While it is designed specifically for English majors and minors, students from other departments across the humanities are encouraged to enroll. The goal of the class is to help you discover the full range of career options available to you, and to assist you in locating internships to get the experience needed to land these jobs upon graduation. The course will help you learn how to package the critical skills and deep cultural knowledge gained in your humanities education in ways that are recognizable to the world outside the academy.  Our focus will be on community-based and not-for-profit projects, which are often described as being part of “the public humanities.” However, students who are also interested in other careers—from publishing and journalism to public relations and the law—will find the topics discussed to be relevant.  The class will have a practical orientation. Students will not only explore how to connect classroom excellence with actual internships, but will learn how to locate, apply to, and earn college credit for them.