Spring 2023 Undergraduate English Courses

359:201 Principles of Literary Study

 01  MTH1   05424 DELORME  SC-204
 02 MTH3    05425  GOLDSTONE  FH-A4
05 MTH3   05428 MATHES  SC-120
 06 TTH4    05429  OWENS  CA-A3
07 MTH2   05430 SCANLON  HH-A7
 08 MW5    05431  OMIROVA  SC-220
09 MW4   05432 BARRIENTOS  SC-203
 10 TTH5    05433  ANDERSON  SC-215
11 MW6   05434 DIEHL  HH-B5
 12 TTH4    05435  SANDERS HH-A6
13 TTH5   05436 SANCHEZ-ZWEIG  FH-A4
 15 TTH7    05438  MUCKLE  CI-201

This course provides an introduction to principal methods and materials in contemporary literary studies. In order to suggest some of the range of the field, ordinarily it includes close attention to works from at least two genres and two historical periods to be selected by the instructor. The course will introduce students to the meaning and use of key terms in literary studies. Its aim is teaching students to pay close attention to significant texts and develop sophisticated spoken and written accounts of those texts.

This course is required of all English majors, but it is open to all students who have fulfilled the first-year writing requirement or its equivalent.

Attendance is expected and required.