Spring 2023 Undergraduate English Courses

358:381 Towards a Global Conception of Blackness: Music, Movements, and Literature

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Towards a Global Conception of Blackness: Music, Movements and Literature

Scholars continue to ask for a more nuanced and global reading of Blackness. This course surveys the socio-historical and philosophical underpinnings of a move towards a global conception of Blackness through literary, musical, and political practice. In the Black literary tradition, music and language merge as a mechanism for writing singing books. These books can be utilized to both organize and question socio-cultural formations. Throughout the semester, we will study these singing books as a way to uncover the connection between sound, movements, and literature. The core of our study will highlight Blackness as not only a political category from which art and social movements are organized, but one in which tactics are developed and strategies for change are implemented.