Summer 2018 Undergraduate English Courses: Restoration/Eighteenth Century

358:330 Early Romantic Literature

H6  7/9-8/15  CAC  TTH 6:00-10:00 PM  04328  DIABY  SC-201

This course fulfills the 18th or 19th Century requirement 

The aesthetic movement known as “Romanticism” swept across Europe in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, bringing with it new ideas of literature, music, and the arts. But its reach extended well beyond that: present day thoughts on “Humanity” and “Nature” are deeply indebted to Romantic thinkers and artists. In this class, we will explore these two concepts as they take shape throughout the Romantic period while also grappling with their continued influence on our contemporary moment. Our main questions are: what does it mean to be “human” and what, exactly, is “nature” and the “natural?” Topics will range from consciousness, political revolution, and love to the environment, gender, and slavery. Authors include Jane Austen, Olaudah Equiano, Mary and Percy Shelley, and others.

Course requirements: weekly reading responses, participation, and a short paper and proposal.