Summer 2021 Undergraduate English Courses

359:201 Principles of Literary Study: Poetry

B1  6/1-7/9       11944    BY ARRANGEMENT      JONES, D.   

B2   6/1-7/9  11945     MTWTH  10:30-12:25     MARTIN, K.

E1  6/28-8/6   03689   BY ARRANGEMENT    LEPRO,T

E2   6/28-8/6  11946  MTWTH 10:30-12:20 PM  MANGHARAM, M

E6  6/28-8/6   11947  BY ARRANGEMENT   MORRIS, T.

H1  7/12-8/18   01996   BY ARRANGEMENT   SANCHEZ-ZWEIG, S.

H6  7/12-8/18  03447  MW 6:00-9:40 PM    MALINOWSKI, D.


SECTION H1  -This course will be asynchronous, but will require a weekly synchronous small discussion group meeting organized around students' schedules.

This course provides an introduction to principal methods and materials in contemporary literary studies. We will learn to define, identify, and make arguments about key literary terms and issues.  Our primary texts will be united by the themes of the spiritual and the modern. Expect to read some prose (at least one novel and short story), a range of plays, and short poems from approximately 1850 to the current day. Assignments will include short close reading papers, Sakai posts, a virtual pre-recorded presentation, and a longer argumentative paper.

This course is required of all English majors, but it is open to all students who have fulfilled the first-year writing requirement or its equivalent.

Attendance is expected and required at weekly synchronous sessions and on asynchronous virtual platforms.