Summer 2021 Undergraduate English Courses

350:328 Issues and Problems in Eighteenth Century Literature

B1   6/1-7/9  MTWTH 1:00-2:55 PM  02996   BLAKELY, K.

This course will explore the ways in which happiness and unhappiness were defined in the eighteenth century as well as how those definitions have evolved over time. We will tackle, in particular, the following questions: What did it mean to self-identify or be identified as an “unhappy woman” during the eighteenth century? (And, what does it mean to be an “unhappy woman” now?) Is an unhappy woman merely unlucky? Is she a troublemaker? Is she just plain miserable? By reading unhappiness in works of fiction as both a state of mind and a “state of affairs,” we will explore the extent to which unhappiness has had, and continues to have, real political stakes for women.