Summer 2023 Undergraduate English Courses

358:389 Asian American Literatures in English

01  TTH5  CAC     03476     ISAAC  HH-A2

This course same as 050:377:01

Violence and Asian American Literature

Violence has the ability both to destroy but also to recreate identities and subjects, both to tear away from and to stake claims to nations and places. How and why is violence a recurring theme in Asian American literature? From the Philippine-American War (1898) and the Pacific wars against Japan (1941), Korea (1950s) to the Vietnam War (1960s) and the War on Terror (2001) in the past century, conflicts in Asia have affected treatment of Asians in the US from immigration bans (until 1965) and internment (1942) to refugee dislocation (1970s) and surveillance (post-9/11). The course will look at the literary representations, experiments to the narrative form, and reactions to different types of violence emerging from colonial, gender and race relations in Asian American novels and documentaries.