Summer 2023 Undergraduate English Courses

358:387 Ethnic Literature in the U.S.

MTH1    CAC    05414   SOSA CABANAS  MU-111

Afro-Cuban Culture: Race and Racism in Literature and Visual Arts:

This course examines Afro-Cuban relationships in literature, art, and film. It focusses on the country’s cultural history, with emphasis on ethnological, literary, and artistic perspectives.

Discussion topics include different approaches to slavery, emergence of Afro-Cuban culture, racial relations, and the black culture’s representative incorporations into the elite narratives.

This course will be conducted as a combination of lecture/presentation and discussion seminars.  It is designed to encourage students to become self-conscious learners exploring not only the

what, but also the how and why of knowing. Students will be able to explore important issues through class activities, including writing assignments, debates, extracurricular activities and

participation in cultural activities.