Summer 2023 Undergraduate English Courses

359:312 Colonialism, Capitalism and Decolonization

01   MTH3  CAC   05442   MANGHARAM   FH-B3


Colonialism, Capitalism and Decolonization 
This course will provide a critical survey of some of the major issues in contemporary literary and cultural theory through the lens of capitalism and colonialism. We will ask: How did the inception of capitalist systems in the colonies change ways of living and working? What were the forms of resistance against colonial and capitalist control? Are new forms of imperialism replacing colonization and how? Is true decolonization possible in an age of neo-liberal capitalism? How is our climate crisis one of the legacies of the era of colonial capitalism? We will use literature as our means of investigating these questions, considering how postcolonial intellectuals and writers decolonize themselves in the ages of colonialism and neo-colonialism. Texts taught will include Marx’s Capital, Amitav Ghosh’s The Nutmeg’s Curse and Joseph Sacco's Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt among others.