Supporting Rutgers English

Why Donate?

The support of Rutgers University alumni and friends helps to keep Rutgers one the best public universities in the nation. As New Jersey’s premier state university, Rutgers derives its revenue from a mix of private and public sources. Like other public universities, Rutgers relies on government funding as a vital component of its annual budget. Along with tuition and fees, direct state appropriations and state-paid fringe benefits are the primary means of support for the university’s educational offerings. Although state support remains essential to fulfill the university’s core educational mission, direct state appropriations and fringe benefit payments currently constitute just 24 percent of Rutgers’ $1.9 billion annual budget.

Because the Department of English serves so many students and runs so many programs, we make good use of every last dollar. Your contributions can help us through this crucial time. We need and appreciate your financial support! Your gift to the Friends of Rutgers English Fund will help the department provide support for:

  • Student fellowships, awards, and scholarships
  • Academic programs
  • Research and travel funding for faculty and students
  • Teaching Assistantships and Research Assistantships
  • Writers at Rutgers Reading Series and other public lectures and readings