Gregory S. Jackson
Associate Professor of English
Early American, Theory

Colonial and Early American Literature; Early Modern Drama; Literature and Intellectual History; Literature and Religion; Nineteenth Century American Literature

"In my courses I try to instill a sense of community among my students in the midst of what, at a vibrant research institution, can sometimes seem like an impersonal environment. Making unfamiliar literature and historically distant cultures relevant and ‘respectable’ to a diverse body of students—and making those objects of study worthy of their time and energy—is a challenge that I enjoy. I’m especially gratified when my students learn, and even come to love, these unfamiliar texts and contexts.

Murray Hall, Room 023, College Ave Campus

  • American Gothic
  • British-American Survey
  • Gospel of Realism
  • Introduction to the Novel
  • Law and Literature
  • Postbellum Literature of Urban Reform
  • Shakespeare
  • American Religious Vernaculars
  • Anglo-American Puritan Literature and Culture
  • Best Paper Prize for “What Would Jesus Do?,” Religion and American Culture Caucus of the American Studies Association, October 2005
  • CLS-Andrew W. Mellon Junior Faculty Fellow, 2005
  • Provost’s Distinguished Teaching Award, University of Arizona, 2003

PhD, University of California, Los Angelos
BA, Oregon State University
BS, Oregon State University