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The Poetry and Poetics interest group is a community of graduate students and faculty working in diverse historical periods. The group meets to discuss critical approaches to poetry, to workshop writing as well as to simply share ideas and research, and to read the work of visiting scholars and poets.  We aim to bring a scholar working on current topics in poetry and poetics to Rutgers each academic year for a workshop-style seminar, and we also frequently participate in local discussions organized by the Historical Poetics Working Group.  While our focus is often on methodological questions, we are also appreciators of poetry.  In the past, our group has hosted graduate student poetry readings and co-sponsored poetry events with other interest groups. Our Sakai website functions as a forum for sharing information about poetry and poetics events on our campus and elsewhere. 

Announcements Forthcoming:

Past events:


Dramatic Monologue and the Personal Pronoun: Roundtable Discussion with the Historical Poetics Working Group

"Emergency Poetics and Greiving Publics," mini-seminar led by group member

"The Gender of Modern Meter," workshop with Professor Ben Glaser (Yale)

"Poetry and Personhood: Izenberg and Shelley," mini-seminar led by group member

Poetry Night at Pino's


Group Reading: Selections from Alexandra Socarides, Dickinson Unbound (2012)

Nineteenth-Century Ballads: Roundtable Discussion with the Historical Poetics Working Group (Princeton)                               

 “Poetry without Borders: Walter Scott and Ricardo Dominguez,” a mini-seminar led by group members 

 “Sapphic Stanzas: How do we see the rhythm?” a workshop with Professor Yopie Prins (U. Michigan)                                      

Rutgers English Graduate Students Poetry Reading


Group Reading: Diana Fuss, “Last Words” (ELH 2009)

Workshop with Professor Meredith Martin (Princeton) on the introduction to her book, The Rise and Fall of Meter: Poetry and English National Culture (2012).


Workshop with Professor Virginia Jackson (Tufts) on a chapter from her book manuscript, Before Modernism: The World History of Nineteenth-Century American Poetry                     

Rutgers English Graduate Students Poetry Reading


Group Reading: Selections from Virginia Jackson, Dickinson’s Misery (2005)

Robert Bridges on “Milton’s Prosody”: Roundtable Discussion with the Historical Poetics Working Group (Princeton)