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Post-45 Research Group

The Post-45 Research Group is a Rutgers English Department Group dedicated to the study of literary and cultural production after 1945, with a particular interest in the contemporary moment, as well as research and critical inquiries that approach the contemporary, regardless of time period. In addition to discussion meetings, we also plan article workshops, speakers, and other events.


2020-2021 schedule and announcements forthcoming:

2019-2020 schedule and announcements:

This academic year, we are proud to announce that we will be hosting the national Post45 Graduate Symposium, in partnership with Princeton University. The event will take place at the Rutgers Center for Cultural Analysis on Feb. 28-29, and will feature a keynote address from Rebecca Walkowitz, and a workshop with Jeff Lawrence. Other details for the symposium, and additional events for the year, will be announced soon.