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Associate Professor

Early English Reading Group

The Early English Reading Group meets regularly to translate Old and Early Middle English poetry and prose. The goal of the group is to provide a relaxed forum for practicing and building the skills necessary to read Old and Early Middle English texts. Translators at all levels are welcome. The Early English Reading Group collaborates and hosts lectures, workshops, and other events with MERG (Medieval English Research Group) at Rutgers and with CEMS (Colloquium for Early Medieval Studies), an inter-university research group (Columbia, NYU, Rutgers, University of California - Berkeley, University of Rhode Island, King’s College London, and University of Bonn) that is dedicated to fostering Early Medieval Studies in and beyond the Tri-State area.

Recent Readings:
Wulf and Eadwacer
The Wife's Lament
Dream of the Rood
Maxims I

Events for 2020-2021 are forthcoming