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Emeritus Profile
George Levine

George Levine
Professor Emeritus of English

At Rutgers since:  1968
Retired since:  2006
Professor Levine has released the following publications: Dying to Know (2002); The Cambridge Companion to George Eliot (2001); Darwin and the Novelists (1988); The Realistic Imagination (1981); and Lifebirds (1997). He also wrote introduction and notes for The Origin of the Species (2004). He works in aesthetics, nineteenth-century literature and culture, the relations between literature and science, and problems connected with the condition of the profession. He is at work on a new study, "The Uses of Darwin," and "How to Read the Victorian Novel." He was Director of the Center for the Critical Analysis of Contemporary Culture.
Education Areas of Specialization
PhD, Minnesota University
MA, Minnesota University
BA, New York University

Victorian literature; literature and science


The  Origin of Species

Dying  to Know

George  Eliot


Departmental and University Positions
1981, Department of English Chair | Chair of CSPAD | Associate Proviost for the Humanities in New Brunswick | 1986, Co-founder and director of the Center for the Critical Analysis of Contemporary Culture (renamed Center for Cultural Analysis)
Undergraduate Courses Taught
  • Victorian Fiction
  • Victorian Prose
  • Narrative and Science
  • Narrative and Epistemology
  • Science and Culture

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