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Mark DotyMark Doty, Professor

The Department of English welcomes Mark Doty who arrived in the Fall 2009 semester as Professor of English specializing in Nineteenth Century Poetry, Twentieth Century and Contemporary Poetry.

Mark Doty has won the 2008 National Book Award for Poetry for his collection, Fire to Fire: New and Selected Poems. “Elegant, plain-spoken, and unflinching, Mark Doty’s poems in Fire to Fire gently invite us to share their ferocious compassion,” according to the citation issued by the National Book Foundation. “With their praise for the world and their fierce accusation, their defiance and applause, they combine grief and glory in a music of crazy excelsis. In this generous retrospective volume a gifted young poet has become a master.” The National Book Foundation announced the award at its annual ceremony in New York City on November 19.

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