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Dianne F. Sadoff (Co-Edited with William E. Cain)

Teaching Contemporary Theory to Undergraduates, co-edited with William E. Cain
MLA Publications, 1994


Teaching Contemporary Theory to Undergraduates shows readers how theory can, in the words of William E. Cain, enable teachers and students "to illuminate anew the structure of texts, to write literary and cultural history with greater richness and depth, and to understand social and institutional relations more intricately."

In twenty-one refreshingly readable essays, contributors discuss their techniques for introducing theory to students in classes on a range of levels. They describe how they overcame initial apprehensions about teaching theory to undergraduates and enumerate the ways that theory enriched both their and their students' experiences. The theoretical methodologies covered include feminism, poststructuralism, deconstruction, African American criticism, new historicism, cultural studies, and film theory.

Intended for teachers who already use theory in their courses as well as for those who are teaching theory for the first time, the volume offers history, analysis, and practical advice.



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