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Emily C. BartelsBecause of her creative course designs, Emily C.  Bartels’s Shakespeare courses are nationally known. Using innovative teaching strategies – such as electronic exchanges with rural high school students; performances, films and videos; creative final project assignments; and strategic methods for teaching revision – she makes her subject matter vivid, enjoyable, and current, while maintaining unusually rigorous standards for student work.

She teaches with equal agility in large lecture classes and small seminars. And she has generously taught in venues far beyond her normal load: offering master classes on teaching, organizing special sessions for undergraduates who are applying to graduate school, and teaching at Robert Wood Johnson.

She is a powerful teacher of other teachers, working through the Rutgers High School Teachers Institute and through consultancies and faculty advisorships for NEH-funded projects having to do with the interaction between universities and secondary schools. Finally, as Associate Director of the Bread Loaf School of English at Middlebury College, she carries Rutgers’ excellence in teaching far and wide.

A typical comment from one of her student evaluations sums it all up “she’s THE BEST!”

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