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Myra Jehlen

Myra Jehlen
Board of Governors
Professor Emerita of English

At Rutgers since:  1985
Retired since:  2014
Professor Jehlen is the author of Readings at the Edge of Literature (2002), Class and Character in Faulkner's South (1976), American Incarnation: The Individual, the Nation, and the Continent (1989), and "The Literature of Colonization" in Volume I of The Cambridge History of American Literature: Volume 1, 1590-1820 (ed. Sacvan Bercovitch, 1994). She has also co-edited a number of volumes, including The English Literatures of America, 1500-1800 (1996), with Michael Warner. Her essays deal with American writing, comparative literature, and theoretical issues in literary interpretation and history.
Education Areas of Specialization
PhD, University of California, Berkeley
BA, The City University of New York

Literature and Intellectual History; Nineteenth Century American Literature


Five Fictions in Search of Truth

 Readings at the Edge of Literature

The English Literatures of America: 1500-1800

American Incarnation: The Individual, the Nation, and the  Continent

Other Publications
  • “Félicité and the Holy Parrot”
    , Spring 2007
  • “Melville’s Concept of Class”
    Oxford Companion to Melville (2005)
  • “Gertrude Stein’s The Making of Americans”
    Il romanzo
  • “The Seditious Aesthetic of Hawthorne’s House of the Seven Gables” 6.1, 2002
  • “F.P.”
    , Spring 2002
  • “Guggenheim in Bilbao”
    , Spring 1999
  • "Faulkner and the Unnatural: The Hamlet
    Faulkner and the Natural World: Faulkner and Yoknaptawpha
  • "An Empire of One's Own: Virginia Woolf's The Voyage Out"
    La tipographia nel salotto: sagi su Virginia Woolf
  • “Multitudes and Multicultures”
    After Consensus: Critical Change and Social Change in America
  • "History Beside the Fact: What We Learn from A True and Exact History of Barbadoes”
    The Politics of Research
  • "Banned in Concord: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Classic American Literature"
    The Cambridge Companion to Mark Twain
  • "History before the Fact; or, Captain John Smith's Unfinished Symphony"
    Critical Inquiry, Summer 1993
  • “The Ties that Bind: Race and Sex in Mark Twain's Pudd’nhead Wilson
    Mark Twain’s Pudd’nhead Wilson: Race, Conflict, and Culture
Undergraduate Courses Taught Graduate Courses Taught
  • Principles of Literary Study
  • American Literature
  • Science Fiction
  • American-British Transatlantic Relations
  • Comparative Novel
  • Cooper, Hawthorne, James: Style in Fiction
  • Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century American Literature
  • Henry James and William Dean Howells: Two Aesthetics of American Realism
Awards and Distinctions
  • “F.P.” Raritan, Spring 2002; reprinted, Best Essays of 2002; Pushcart Essay, 2002.
  • Woodrow Wilson Fellow, 1961-1962, Dissertation Fellow 1964-1965;
  • National Endowment for the Humanities, Fellow; 1974-1975;
  • National Humanities Center Fellow, 1985-1986; Guggenheim,1990-1991 (declined ACLS Fellowship to accept Guggenheim)
Other Information of Interest
  • "Christopher P. Iannini: New Faculty Profiles" by Myra Jehlen (Future Traditions Magazine, Issue 1)

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