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Paul Benzon
Dissertation: “Spaces, Cuts, Codes: Postwar Technology and the Mediation of Writing”
Director: Richard Dienst

Cornelius Collins
Dissertation: “Uncertain Ends: Contemporary Narratives of Political Decline, Social Failure, and Survival”
Director: John A. McClure

Anannya Dasgupta
Dissertation: “Right Spelling and Rent Bodies: The Discourse of Magic in Renaissance Drama”
Director: Ann Baynes Coiro

Jennifer Garrison
Dissertation: “Eucharistic Theology in Middle English Devotional Literature”
Director: Larry Scanlon

Miriam Jaffe-Foger
Dissertation: “Cross-Ethnic Mediums and the Rhetoric of Individuality in American Fiction”
Director: Brent Hayes Edwards

Regina Masiello
Dissertation: “Rooms of Invention: The Prison Poems of Wyatt, Surrey, and Ralegh”
Director: Ann Baynes Coiro

Piia Mustamaki
Dissertation: “Redefining Political Theater: Masochism and the Problem of Identity”
Director: Elin Diamond

Jacob Nellickal
Dissertation: “Histories of the Visual Image in Nineteenth Century Literature”
Director: William H. Galperin

Megan Ward
Dissertation: “The Sensing Subject: Sensory Perception in Victorian Literature and Culture”
Director: Kate Flint

Madhvi Zutshi
Dissertation: “Virtue, Sensibility, and ‘The Man of Feeling’ in the Eighteenth Century”
Director: Michael McKeon


Sonali Barua
The National Library of India and the Sangeet Research Academy Library

Tyler Bradway
School of Criticism and Theory, Cornell University

Sonia Di Loreto
Houghton Library, Harvard University

Jennifer Garrison
The British Library

Carrie Hyde
School of Criticism and Theory, Cornell University

Sarah Kennedy
Houghton Library, Harvard University

Michael Masiello
Department of Latin Letters, The Vatican

Rachel Smith
Seminar in Experimental Critical Theory, University of California Humanities Research Institute

Katherine Snead
Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Toronto

Sunny Stalter
John Hay Library, Brown University

Scott Trudell
The British Library


Candice Amich
Jacob K. Javits Fellowship (2006-2009)

Sarah Balkin
The Dickens Universe, University of California, Santa Cruz

Tyler Bradway
Jacob K. Javits Fellowship (2007-2010)

Riccardo Capoferro
Lane Cooper Fellowship

Ja Yun Choi
Samsung Fellowship

Christopher Crosbie
• Honorable Mention, Catherine Moynahan Prize (for the best essay on a literary topic)
• Honorable Mention, Spencer L. Eddy Prize (for the best literary essay accepted in a professional journal): "Fixing Moderation: Titus Andronicus and the Aristotelian Determination of Value," in Shakespeare Quarterly

Vera Eliasova
Spencer L. Eddy Prize (for the best literary essay accepted in a professional journal): "A Cab of Her Own: Immigration and Mobility in Iva Pekarkova's Gimme the Money," in Contemporary Literature

Michael Gavin
Graduate School–New Brunswick Special Study Award

Devin Griffiths
Middlebury College Summer Immersion Program for Intermediate French

Patrick Jehle
The Dickens Universe, University of California, Santa Cruz

Meghan Lau
Daniel Francis Howard Travel Fellowship

Carrie Malcolm
Marius Bewley Prize (for the best essay written in coursework)

Jacob Nellickal
Catherine Moynahan Prize (for the best essay on a literary topic)

Beth Perry
Barry V. Qualls Dissertation Fellowship

Debapriya Sarkar
Honorable Mention, Marius Bewley Prize (for the best essay written in coursework)

Erick Sierra
Catherine Musello Cantalupo Prize (for the best essay on literature and religion)

Benjamin Singer
Point Foundation Scholarship

Elliott Souder
Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Writing Program by a Teaching Assistant

Paul Yeoh
Graduate School–New Brunswick Dissertation Teaching Award


Eileen Faherty and Cheryl RobinsonEileen Faherty and Cheryl Robinson received this year’s Graduate School–New Brunswick Staff Excellence Award. The faculty and students in the Graduate Program of Literatures in English salute and thank them for their extraordinary commitment to the program—and congratulate them on winning this well-deserved award!

Eileen retired from Rutgers this past spring after twenty-five years of dedicated service to the university. This award thus came at an auspicious time, marking the culmination of decades of professional and personable service. Equally generous dispensing treats as she was with giving advice, Eileen provided consistent and patient assistance to faculty and students alike. Having joined the English department in December 2002, she worked with Myra Jehlen, Meredith L. McGill, and Marianne DeKoven during their tenure as directors of the graduate program. Everyone in Murray Hall will miss Eileen, and we bid her fond adieu and send our best wishes for her retirement.

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