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Harvard University Dr. Hillary Chute (PhD 2006)
Harvard University Society of Fellows (postdoctoral fellowship)
Dissertation: “Contemporary Graphic Narratives: History, Aesthetics, Ethics”
Committee: Marianne DeKoven (Director), Carolyn Williams, and Harriet Davidson
Trinity University Dr. Christopher Crosbie (PhD 2007)
Trinity University (tenure-track position)
Dissertation: “Philosophies of Retribution: Rethinking Early Modern Revenge Tragedy”
Committee: Emily C. Bartels (Director), Ann Baynes Coiro, and Ron Levao
University of Central Missouri Dr. Benjamin Johnson (PhD 2007)
University of Central Missouri (tenure-track position)
Dissertation: “The Varieties of Aesthetic Experience in American Modernist Literature”
Committee: Marcia Ian (Director), Marc Manganaro, and Michael Warner
Edgwood College Dr. Lauren Lacey (PhD 2007)
Edgewood College (tenure-track position)
Dissertation: “Fantastic Times: Contemporary Women Rewriting the Past and Writing the Future”
Committee: Marianne DeKoven (Director), Richard Dienst, and John A. McClure
University of Georgia Christopher Pizzino
University of Georgia (non-tenure-track position)
Dissertation: “Religion in Postmodern Science Fiction: A Case Study in Secularity”
Committee: Barry V. Qualls (Director), Marianne DeKoven, and Richard E. Miller
College of Staten Island Dr. Maria Rice (PhD 2007)
College of Staten Island (tenure-track position)
Dissertation: “Migrations of Memory: Postmemory in Twentieth Century Ethnic American Women’s Literature”
Committee: Cheryl A. Wall (Director), Marianne DeKoven, and Brent Edwards
Cornell University Alison Shonkwiler (PhD expected 2007)
Cornell University (non-tenure-track position)
Dissertation: “The Financial Imaginary: Dreiser, DeLillo, and Abstract Capitalism
in American Literature”
Committee: Marianne DeKoven (Director), Richard Dienst, and John A. McClure
University of Missouri-Columbia Dr. Alexandra Socarides (PhD 2007)
University of Missouri-Columbia (tenure-track position)
Dissertation: “Lyric Contexts: Emily Dickinson and the Problem of Genre”
Committee: Meredith L. McGill (Director), Virginia Jackson, and Carolyn Williams
California Institute of Technology/The Huntington Library Richard Squibbs (PhD expected 2007)
California Institute of Technology / The Huntington Library
(postdoctoral fellowship)
Dissertation: “Conversing with Books: Reading the Periodical Essay in Eighteenth Century Britain and Jeffersonian America”
Committee: William C. Dowling (Director), William H. Galperin, and Myra Jehlen
Auburn University Dr. Sunny Stalter (PhD 2007)
Auburn University (tenure-track position)
Dissertation: “Underground Subjects: Public Transportation and Perception in New York Modernist Literature”
Committee: Elin Diamond (Director), Matthew S. Buckley, Harriet Davidson, and Meredith L. McGill
University of Oklahoma Kathryn Steele (PhD expected 2007)
University of Oklahoma (non-tenure-track position)
Dissertation: “Navigating Interpretative Authorities: Women Readers and Reading Models in Eighteenth Century England”
Committee: Paula McDowell (Director), Michael McKeon, and Jonathan Kramnick
Portland State University Dr. Daveena Tauber (PhD 2006)
Portland State University (non-tenure-track position)
Dissertation: “‘Jews Natural,’ ‘Jews Virtual’: Milton and the Problem of Typological Hermeneutics”
Committee: Jacqueline T. Miller (Director), Ann Baynes Coiro,
and Emily C. Bartels


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