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176 5a3d30e5a3e1fDr. Sandy Flitterman-Lewis wrote about Jean Benoît-Lévy and Marie Epstein’s film La Maternelle in her letter printed in the March 14, 2022 edition of The New Yorker.

"As a feminist film scholar and an associate professor at Rutgers University, I greatly appreciated Elif Batuman’s Profile of the director Céline Sciamma (“Now You See Me,” February 7th). Sciamma speaks about the strong impression that Jean Benoît-Lévy and Marie Epstein’s film “La Maternelle” made on her grandmother. I felt similarly when I first saw the film, in 1977, at the urging of Epstein herself. Since then, I have devoted a significant part of my scholarship to Epstein’s work, and to “La Maternelle” in particular."

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