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chejfeccoverJeffrey Lawrence ‘s article The Story of a Notebook: Sergio Chejfec on Writing by Hand is in the online magazine WORDS without BORDERS. It has an excerpt of Forgotten Manuscript (2015) by Chejfec with a 2022 translation from Spanish by Lawrence.

At the time of Sergio Chejfec’s death last Saturday, I had recently completed a translation of his 2015 book on writing and technology, "Forgotten Manuscript." The original version of the work, titled Últimas noticias de la escritura, already enjoys a cult status in the Spanish-speaking world, and Sergio and I had high hopes that its appearance in English would meet with a similar reception among Anglophone writers and readers. "Forgotten Manuscript" is a difficult text to categorize, existing somewhere between the genres of autobiography and literary theory, scholarly monograph and ruminative essay, diagnosis of the digital and homage to the vanishing art of handwritten composition.

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