RUAAUP Zoom profile pencilfist w sunburstWHEREAS, Faculty, Teaching Assistants, Graduate Assistants, Post-Docs, and all other academic workers represented by the AAUP-AFT have been working without a contract since July 1, 2022;

whereas the quality of education, research, and public service at Rutgers depends on the quality of the working conditions of educators and researchers at Rutgers;

whereas these conditions have been undermined by salaries and stipends that have declined significantly in real terms, with inflation currently at 6.0%;

whereas adjunct faculty do not receive equal pay for equal work, and their academic freedom is undermined by lack of job security;

whereas graduate students receive far less than a living wage, which harms their ability to research, teach, and learn, and damages the quality and standing of Rutgers's graduate programs, including the Ph.D. program in English;

whereas the CourseAtlas/Infosilem scheduling system, and the loss of department-level authority over schedules, continues to harm our ability to offer an effective curriculum, with no demonstrated benefit to students and amply demonstrated harm to faculty,

whereas the Rutgers's administration has responded to AAUP-AFT proposals to address these problems with outright refusals, delays, disinformation, or insulting counterproposals, including salary increases at no more than half the rate of inflation for all faculty and graduate worker categories;

whereas Rutgers undoubtedly possesses the financial resources to meet our demands; Rutgers's unrestricted reserves increased from $505.7 million in 2020 to $818.6 million at last report, and Rutgers's operating surplus in the last reported fiscal year was $156.1 million (rather than management's projected $133.5 million deficit);

Whereas AAUP-AFT union members voted 94% in favor of authorizing strike action if necessary after March 10, 2023;

BE IT RESOLVED, the Department of English strongly endorses the AAUP-AFT contract campaign demands, including fair salaries and stipends, job security for adjuncts, and departmental control over scheduling;

and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the Department of English stands in solidarity with all Rutgers workers seeking a fairer and stronger institution, and affirms the right of workers to bargain collectively and to take collective action, including strike action, when necessary to attain their just demands,

and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the Department instructs the Chair of English to make this resolution known on the department website and by e-mail to all faculty, staff, and graduate students of the Department, as well as to the Chancellor-Provost and the University President.

Approved 29-0-0, March 22, 2023