Marbling at the CCA - a hands-on workshop

When:  Monday, November 14, 2022, 03:30pm

Where:  CCA, Academic Building West, Room 6107

Category:  Center for Cultural Analysis, Rutgers Book Initiative

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PHand marbled paperlease join the Motley Lab for a hands-on workshop on the art of paper marbling, led by artist Natalie Stopka. Marbled paper is the application of aqueous pigments to paper, creating complex patterns like polished marble; sheets decorated this way have historically been used in the bindings of books, and are now found more generally in textiles, decorative hangings, and abstract art. All are welcome.


Where:      Academic Building West, Room 6107

REGISTER IN ADVANCE to secure a spot, or just drop by to lend a hand.

Natalie Stopka specializes in the historical form of the art, using botanical pigments called ‘lakes.’ Visit her studio at

Support for this event is provided by the CCA and the Rutgers Initiative for the Book.