• Author(s): Koszarski, Richard
  • Publisher / Date: Walker Art Center November-December, 1976; First Edition edition (1976)

Aims to decentralize D.W. Griffith in the canon of early film-makers who contributed to the development of film art and culture by examining the work of other directors. With contributions from Eileen Bowser, Anthony Slide, Richard Roud, Ron Mottram, Jay Leyda, William K. Everson, Tag Gallagher, Kevin Brownlow, Arthur Lenning, Edward Wagenknecht, Vlada Petric, Marshall Deutelbaum, Jack Lodge, on subjects including Stella Maris, Douglas Fairbanks, Nickelodeon, Wild and Wooly, John Emerson, Marshall Neilan, Louis Feuillade, Benjamin Christensen, Reginald Barker, John Ford, Frank Borage, Maurice Tourneur, Charlie Chaplin, Mauritz Stiller, Victor Sjostrom, George Cukor.