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  • Marcia Ian
  • Associate Professor Emerita of English
  • At Rutgers Since: 1987
  • Retired Since: 2014
  • Primary Areas of Specialization: Nineteenth Century American Literature; Psychoanalysis
  • Book(s):
  • Bio: Professor Ian is the author of Remembering the Phallic Mother: Psychoanalysis, Modernism and the Fetish (1993). She is currently writing a book entitled American 'Secularity': The James Family and Others, which examines the writing of Henry James, Sr., William James, and Henry James in relation to America's mythic idea of itself as a "secular" nation. She is interested more generally in the intersections (and lack thereof) of psychoanalysis, philosophy and religion, and has published essays on these subjects as well as on Henry James and, in a not entirely unrelated development, certain aspects of popular culture, especially female bodybuilding.
  • Education: PhD, University of Virginia MA, University of Virginia BA, Wellesley College

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