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  • Jacqueline T. Miller
  • Associate Professor of English
  • Retired Since: 2021
  • jamiller@english.rutgers.edu
  • Primary Areas of Specialization: Early Modern Literature; Early Modern Poetry; Gender and Sexuality
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  • Bio: Professor Miller is the author of Poetic License: Authority and Authorship in Medieval and Renaissance Contexts (1986). Recent publications include: “Ladies of the Oddest Passion: Early Modern Women and the Arts of Discretion” (Modern Philology, 2006); “Telling Tales: Locating Female Nurture and Narrative in The Faerie Queene” in Gender and Oral Traditions in Early Modern Literary Texts (eds. Mary Ellen Lamb and Karen Bamford, 2008); "The Passion Signified: The Construction of Emotions in Sidney and Wroth" (Criticism, 2001); "Lady Mary Wroth in the House of Busirane" in Worldmaking Spenser: Explorations in the Early Modern Age (eds. Patrick Cheney and Lauren Silberman, 2000); and "Mother Tongues: Language and Lactation in Early Modern Literature" (English Literary Renaissance, 1997).
  • Education: PhD, Johns Hopkins University MA, Johns Hopkins University BA, University of Rochester
Other Departmental and University Positions
  • Associate Director of Undergraduate Program