Sandy Flitterman-Lewis

Associate Professor of English
Murray Hall, Room 054, College Ave Campus
Feminist theory, film and cinema studies; World War II and Holocaust; television and contemporary culture; theories of national identity; French cinema & culture

Lauren M.E.Goodlad

Distinguished Professor of English
36 Union St., Room 303
19th century and Victorian studies; genre theory and seriality; global studies and critical theory; critical artificial intelligence; television and media studies

Dana Luciano

Director of Undergraduate Studies, WGSS
Associate Professor of English
36 Union Street, room 103
College Ave Campus
Queer studies; affect theory; 19th-century American literature; environmental humanities; photography, film, and media studies.

Laurena Tsudama

Graduate Student

The long nineteenth century, theory and history of the novel, realism, form, aesthetics, visual art and culture, race and ethnicity. 

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