Salvador Ayala Camarillo

Graduate Student

Allan Punzalan Isaac

Professor of American Studies and English
Ruth Adams Building, Room 201, Cook/Douglass Campus
Asian American Literature; Critical Race Studies; Migration and Diaspora

Mukti Lakhi Mangharam

Associate Professor of English

Murray Hall, Room 051, College Ave Campus

World Literatures, particularly those of South Asia and South Africa, Postcolonial Studies, Feminist, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Modernity.

Carter Mathes

Director, RAICCS (Rutgers Advanced Institute for Critical Caribbean Studies)
Associate Professor of English
Murray Hall, Room 048, College Ave Campus
African American Literature; Sound Studies; Hemispheric Studies; Literature and Spirituality; Twentieth Century Literature; African Diaspora Studies

Richard E. Miller

Professor of English
43 (Historic) Mine Street, Room 101, College Ave Campus
Reading in Slow Motion; Creative Nonfiction; 21st Century Literatures

Imani D. Owens

Assistant Professor of English

Murray Hall, Room 047, College Ave Campus

twentieth and twenty-first-century African American and Caribbean fiction and poetics, Harlem Renaissance, translation studies

Teresa Ramoni

Graduate Student
Twentieth and Twenty-first Century American Literature, Film Studies, Adaptation Studies, Music.

Stéphane Robolin

Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies
Associate Professor of English
Murray Hall, Room 018, College Ave Campus
African Literature; African American Literature; African Diaspora Studies; Postcolonial Literature and Theory; and Spatial Theory

Evie Shockley

Zora Neale Hurston Distinguished Professor of English
Murray Hall, Room 202, College Ave Campus
African American and African Diaspora Literature, especially Poetry: Twentieth Century/Contemporary Poetry and Poetics; Black Feminist Thought, Gender and Sexuality; Black Study; Visual Culture

Rebecca L. Walkowitz

Dean of Humanities
Distinguished Professor of English
77 Hamilton Street, College Ave Campus
Transnational Approaches to Literary History; Modernism; Contemporary Novel; Multilingualism; Translation Studies
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