The SAS Office for Seniors will write to you at the email address that is listed with the university.

YOUR RESPONSIBILITY: You will be expected to read messages sent from the Senior Sakai site and the SAS Office for Seniors.  Often, action needs to be taken, and, particularly when graduation is imminent, information and action can be time-sensitive.  Failure to read or respond can have serious impact on your plans to graduate.

Check your Senior Dashboard to see which email address is listed with us.  If you want to make a change, follow the instructions below to manage your email alias(es) and account(s).  Allow three business days for the change to appear on your senior dashboard.

OUR PROMISE:  We will not send you spam.  The information we send is intended to smooth the path toward graduation.  We take our correspondence with you seriously, and while we cannot guarantee that every message will have equal importance to every student, we believe the messages we send are relevant to seniors and their graduation goals.

You don't have to use a Rutgers system for mail, although we recommend it. But whether you use Rutgers, Yahoo, or some other email account, please make sure that you register your e-mail address with the University or have email from your Rutgers accounts forwarded to the account you read.

To check whether you are properly registered, please look yourself up in the Rutgers Online Directory.

To register or change your e-mail display address update your directory information.  

Make sure that you read email sent to your selected delivery address(es). 



 Christopher Iannini Christopher Iannini
Director of Undergraduate Studies
 Jeffrey Lawrence Jeffrey Lawrence
Associate Director of Undergraduate Program
 Leandra Cain Leandra Cain
Senior Administrative Assistant
 female e328f Aimee Labrie
Sr. Program Coordinator
 Savannah Porcelli Savannah Porcelli
Administrative Assistant