Summer: Shakespeare in England


The Program

  • Witness Shakespeare's work as it was meant to be seen; performances in the Globe Theatre in London and by the Royal Shakespeare Comapny are major parts of this program.
  • Learn about the challenges and complexities of Shakespearian production by site visits to some of the United Kingdom's most famous theatres.
  • Meet with actors and directors to get a true sense of the Bard's work.

 Application deadline is March 1, 2020, apply now!

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This course studies the work of England’s greatest dramatist.  We will spend two weeks reading plays at Rutgers, and then we move to England to see them performed on the stages of the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford-upon-Avon (Shakespeare’s Birthplace) and the Globe Theatre and other theaters in London.   Attention will be given to Shakespeare’s context and contemporaries, film and stage interpretation, and the challenges of production and performance.  While in England, we will see the major theatres and sites associated with Shakespeare and his contemporaries, and study with actors, directors, and scholars associated with the major centers for Shakespearean studies and performance in Stratford-upon-Avon and London.  

To view the program’s 2019 syllabus, please click here.  Please note this is a sample syllabus, all of its content is subject to change.

Scholarships are available.

Program Dates
Summer 2020:

New Brunswick:
Arrival: July 17

United Kingdom:
Departure: August 7th
*All dates are subject to change.  Do not book your flight until you have been accepted and the academic dates have been confirmed. 

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