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Drama is arguably the richest of all literary art forms: it combines the power of fiction and poetry with the vitality of performance.  Dramatic forms draw their power from ritual, religion, and myth.  Since its emergence in the West on ancient Greek stages, drama has been a particularly effective medium of social exchange, often playing a serious role in political movements.  This course will study key moments in dramatic history from the Greeks to the Present, working closely with questions of form, performance, and social context.  The class will also watch films of plays and even attend live performances.

Readings will be somewhat dependent on local performances, but will include works from Aeschylus, Sophocles, Shakespeare, Hendric Ibsen, Brecht, Samuel Beckett, Tom Stoppard, and Sarah Ruhl.

Requirements: Attentive reading and class participation (attendence matters!), a few short reviews of performances, 2 papers, and occasional quizzes.

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