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Science Fiction in Print from Pulp to the Present

Today, most people probably think of science fiction in terms of big-budget movies and TV series. But science fiction began in print, and it continues to flourish in novels and stories. This seminar is a study of science-fiction writing, with special attention to the changing status of the genre and the medium of print. SF has promised cheap thrills in inexpensive pulp magazines, and it has aspired to seriousness in between hard covers; it has been the literature of proudly distinctive, and sometimes politically radical, subcultures, yet it has also sought to break into the literary mainstream; and it has increasingly had to compete with visual media, unless it tries to collaborate in transmedia productions. Readings may include work by Wells, Rokeya, Zamyatin, Stapledon, Lovecraft, Asimov, Dick, Le Guin, Butler, and Gibson, and others, as well as selected scholarship and TV Tropes. Requirements: one short paper and one substantial research paper.

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