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Andrew Marvell’s Upon Appleton House: Reading Widely and Deeply

 Marvell’s brilliant and enigmatic country house poem, Upon Appleton House, will be the center of our work. Upon Appleton House is less than 1000 line long but it ranges wide, deep and far afield. Upon Appleton House will be our lodestar, and by the end of the semester you will know it intimately. Since Marvell’s poem explores literary form, politics, and social structures, including gender and economics, students will gain deep literary and historical knowledge. In the process of reading Upon Appleton House, we will also read Amelia Lanyer, Ben Jonson and John Milton, among others.

This course will explore what it is gained by knowing one text intimately. What do we learn by focusing closely? And how can one text open up a wider understanding of other texts?

Course participation will be very important. There will also be three short papers of increasing length and a final exam.

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