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Spring 2017

Introduction to Creative Writing (351:211 in Fall semesters; 351:212 in Spring semesters) is the foundational and prerequisite course to all other Creative Writing courses. This course is also the first course required toward the Creative Writing Certificate

This course satisfies an SAS Core Requirement
Area of Inquiry: Arts and Humanities; Critical and Creative Expression [AHr]

Practice in creative writing in various forms (fiction, poetry, drama, essay); critical analysis of students’ manuscripts in class and/or individual conferences. Reading other student work, as well as the work of established writers. Students will practice the careful and close reading of one another's creative work. 


Section Instructor Day/Period Location Index Campus
1 Zighelboim MTH2 MU-002 08535 CAC
2 Zighelboim MTH3 MU-002 05915 CAC
3 Guez MW4 MU-002 08346 CAC
4 Guez MW5 MU-002 16148 CAC
5 Cotsonas W3F4 MU-001 06951 CAC
6 Cotsonas W2F5 MU-001 06266 CAC
7 Murray TTH 7 MU-002 07182 CAC
9 Suskewicz MW8 MU-002 06031 CAC
10 Hoen MW6 LSH -B205 05649 LIV
11 Wallis-Hughes TF2 MU-001 06265 CAC
13 Purkert TTH8 MU-001 13737 CAC
14 Fuhrman MW6 MU-001 03294 CAC
15 Hoen MW5 LSH-B205 05914 LIV
16 Svich M2,3 MU-038 16149 CAC
17 Franco S 1:00-3:55 SC102 10864 CAC
18 Franco TTH8 MU-003 06952 CAC
19 Sherman MTH2 MU-003 04903 CAC
20 Deshpande MW7 MU-001 05913 CAC
22 Holnes TTH5 MU-001 16154 CAC
23 Lawless MW4 MU-003 16153 CAC
24 Lawless MW6 MU-003 05164 CAC
25 November TF3 MU-003 16155 CAC
26 Koelb TTH5 MU-002 16156 CAC
27 Rehill TTH7 MU-003 06037 CAC
28 Miller TTH5 MU-003 12041 CAC
29 Holnes TTH6 MU-001 12181 CAC
30 Dalva MW5 HCK-115 12296 C/D
31 Dalva MW4 HCK-213 12466 C/D
32 Fitzgerald MW6 MU-003 13681 CAC

Honors College students and SAS Honors students enroll in Section H1

H1  Holliday T2, 3 MU-002 16157 CAC

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