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As the 20th century progressed, women writers for the first time approached equity with men in numbers, fame, and literary status.  Because there are so many great women writers in the 20th century, this course will study only a woefully limited selection of women writers who grappled with the extraordinary changes in the social status and legal rights and new freedoms of women throughout the century.  We will focus on three time periods:  writing around the gaining of suffrage in Britain and American in the 1920’s; writing from the l960’s and 70’s—known as the second wave period of feminism-- when women began to more openly question social and cultural norms around sexuality and gender; and finally, the late 20th century, as sexual definitions become more fluid and complicated in the writing sometimes called third wave feminism.   We will read works written in English, across genres—fiction, science fiction, poetry, memoir, manifesto, essay, and graphic narrative—to think formally about the different ways a writer can think about social change.   

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