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Spring 2017

Prerequisite: 351:211 or 351:212 (Or permission of instructor)

 Creative Writing Poetry focuses on a more in-depth look at poetry writing as a craft. Students engage in a variety of modes and genres within poetry, alongside reading non-poetic works.


Section Instructor Day/Period Location Index Campus
01 November TTH4 MU-002 20974 CAC
02 Furhman MW5 MU-001 03812 CAC
03 Miller, S. TH4 MU-003 06267 CAC
08 Rehill TTH6 MU-003 05165 CAC

08-- Performance Poetry explores the praxis between writing and enacting creative work.  With a grounding in the crafts of writing as well as acting theory, this class is designed to enhance one's process both on the page and on the stage.  Although focused in poetry, writers of all genres are encouraged, as we also investigate dramatic monologues, short fiction, political speeches, and song lyrics.  Through this class you will gain a hands-on semester in composing and performing, as well as the practical benefit of an artistic approach to public speaking.  

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