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Spring 2018


The certificate portfolio is the final step for any Creative Writing student interested in achieving their certificate. In this independent study, students selectively choose from their body of writing, and revise their work. By the end of the semester, their final portfolio will reflect their growth as a writer over time.

For each Creative Writing Portfolio course, an instructor advises 15 students for the full duration of the semester. The instructor meets with these students as a group, twice, and one-on-one with each student twice. The instructor also works closely with each writer throughout the semester in order to help finalize their portfolio. Likewise, instructors pair each student together for a fellow writing partner to read and critique one another’s work throughout the course of the semester.

The Certificate in Creative Writing is available to English majors and minors, ensuring the coordination of creative work with the critical study of literature.  The Certificate Program curriculum (a total of 16 credits) begins with a foundational course in creative writing, followed by a series of electives in a variety of genres and media, culminating in an advanced workshop and the development of a portfolio.  Students who fulfill all the requirements for the certificate with a minimum average (in creative wriitng courses) of 3.0 will be awarded the Certificate in Creative Writing. 

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Portfolio work for students completing the Creative Writing Certificate

Interested in applying for the Creative Writing Certificate? Click here for a PDF version of the Application for Creative Writing Certificate.


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