CCA Seminar - Bacteria

When:  Wednesday, December 14, 2022, 01:00pm

Where:  CCA, Rutgers Academic Building West, Room 6107

Category:  Center for Cultural Analysis

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CCA Scale Poster


Beatriz Colomina, Howard Crosby Butler Professor of the History of Architecture, Co-director of Program in Media and Modernity, Princeton University


Scale: a seminar in the Urban Humanities 

This CCA seminar explores how we think scale across the urban humanities in the twenty-first century: how do writers, artists, architects, geographers, and theorists use scale to reimagine the urban? What work does scale perform as referent, tool, index, and horizon? What pressures does it apply to how we understand and shape urban communities, the idea of the urban, and how artistic expression informs new urban possibilities and lived experience? How do the flexible orientations and relationships that scale leverages allow us to envision new forms of the urban, the political, and the quotidian? What are the spatial and temporal scales of belonging and memory in the modern urban? How do diverse, fluid, and dynamic scalar imaginaries allow us to live locally within larger global and planetary contexts as well as in present historical moments that also engage deep time? What, in short, is the current state of scale and what is its urban future?

Seminar Leaders

Anjali Nerlekar
Karen Bishop