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Spring / Summer 04


More about Friends of Rutgers English

Our Friends network is growing, slowly but surely. This newsletter might be our most visible product at the moment, but our true wealth is someplace else, in the interest and enthusiasm of our alumni. The English Department is extremely grateful for all the support we have received from alumni and friends over the years, support which has allowed us to continue to grow while maintaining our status as one of the best English programs nationwide. But we want to do more.

More than 7000 Rutgers English majors live within driving distance of our campus, and thousands more live worldwide. We’d like to bring together as many of you as we can. We imagine a Friends network that will inform alumni about all department-sponsored events, help alumni share personal news with classmates, and even allow alumni to continue participating in the intellectual life of the department through special seminars or local book clubs.

Like many book-readers, our imagination gets ahead of us. What we need now is to build, person by person, the roster of interested Friends, and to hear more about what you imagine for our future. So please, if you haven’t already, sign up for Friends of Rutgers English. Visit our Website at Signing up is fast and easy and free, and we’ll be able to keep you informed of future developments as Friends of Rutgers English continues to grow.

Supporting the Department

Rutgers University receives approximately one-third of its budget from New Jersey state appropriations, and twenty-three percent from student tuition and fees. Only generous gifts from individuals, foundations, and corporations can maintain the status of Rutgers as one of the top public universities in the nation.

If you’ve been following the news about Rutgers, you know that for the last several years, budget cuts have been severe. Because the English Department serves so many students and runs so many different programs, we make good use of every last dollar. Ironically, the operating efficiency of humanities disciplines makes them particularly vulnerable to budget cuts, and small amounts of money can make a big difference. The English Department needs and appreciates your financial support. A donation in any amount makes you a supporting Friend of Rutgers English.

You can make a tax-deductible gift to the English Department in three ways:

  • You can mail us a check directly. Make checks payable to “Rutgers University Foundation,” and mail it to the address on this printable form.

  • You can donate with a credit card online. Please see our website for instructions, at:

  • You can designate us as the recipient of your annual gift. Whenever you make a pledge to The Rutgers Campaign, make sure you specify that you’d like your gift to go to the English Department.

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