The Daniel Francis Howard Travel Fellowship

We are very happy that we can continue to offer a fellowship for a qualified graduate student whose dissertation research requires travel outside of the U.S. This fellowship has been generously given to the Graduate Program by Barbara Howard in the name of her late husband Daniel Howard, who joined the English Department in 1960.

Professor Howard received his Ph.D. from Yale University and specialized in the literature of the Victorian period. He focused especially on the work and manuscripts of Samuel Butler, and his editions of Erewhon: or, over the Range, and Ernest Pontiflex, or TheWay of All Flesh have been, since they appeared, basic tools for all critical work on that author.  He became the Chair of the Rutgers College English Department in 1966, and served in that position for over a decade.

The Daniel Francis Howard Travel Fellowship will carry a stipend of $5,000. The sponsored research trip must be of at least one month’s duration, and the recipient will be asked to write a narrative describing the results of his or her work while on the fellowship. Please see the Graduate Program office for further information and for application instructions.


Applicants must be ABD

Applicants must complete a one page single-spaced description of their  dissertation project explaining how it requires traveling,and a projected budget.  This description must be completed and delivered to the Graduate Office by March 1, 2010. 

This fellowship will be awarded in early summer 2010.  Recipients will be asked to complete their travel within a year of the award.