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The Undergraduate Program in English offers a broad array of courses spanning many geographical zones, historical periods and critical perspectives. We offer up to 100 classes per semester, so there are always plenty of choices.  English is a dynamic, evolving field, committed to the reexamination of older traditions and the exploration of newer ones. At Rutgers we offer the best of both the traditional and the cutting edge.  From Geoffrey Chaucer to Charlie Chaplin, Restoration drama to postcolonial fiction, from Old English epics to new media theory, there are plenty of courses to stimulate your intellectual curiosity and satisfy your desire to learn. 

Of course, no matter what the topic may be, every English class is rooted in the challenges and pleasures of reading, writing, and thinking. 

The English major is designed to cultivate both historical understanding and critical skills. In addition to the basic set of requirements, English majors can choose from a great selection of electives and specialized options.  For English minors and non-majors, our program provides all kinds of opportunities to explore the worlds of literature and culture.  

Feel free to take a look around our website and please get in touch with us if you have any questions.  Our offices in Murray Hall 104 and 106 are always open to welcome you.

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English Honors Program: The English Honors Program challenges top students to become independent scholars.


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