The English Department encourages all majors to meet with an adviser regularly. We also encourage potential majors to speak with a faculty adviser before declaring their major.

You may stop in Murray Hall 104 or 106 and speak with an advisor or consult the open advising schedule for additional times. All full-time faculty members are available to advise students at any point during the year. You do not need to select an advisor officially; simply visit the faculty member's office hours, or call during that time to make an appointment. Consult the faculty list to find someone whose academic interests mesh with you own.

You should meet with an advisor AT LEAST once a year to discuss available courses as well as options and specializations within the major. Advisers can also provide guidance concerning your plans for a career or graduate school.

If at any time you have a question, a suggestion, or a complaint, you can contact the Undergraduate Director (Murray 104).


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